April 20, 2020 As the infection of the COVID-19 virus keeps spreading in many countries, precautions are being taken to control the spread by individuals between countries.

Taking this into account, we have decided to close from April 25th Saturday 2020 to May 10th Sunday 2020. This may extend in accordance with the announcement from Tokyo Governor and Ministry of Health & Labor(MHL). Please check our website for updates.

It is a sad notice to send out, but we should follow the Tokyo Governor and MHL recommendations and fulfill our responsibility to our patients, staff and society.

During these difficult and extraordinary times please take care of your health and that of your families. We all look forward to the day that this will be over, and our office will be opened again. Also, please kindly follow the guidelines below.

* If you, or family or friends who are staying with you, have recently arrived from any country overseas,please refrain from visiting us for a minimum of 14 days.
Shogo Furuichi